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Does your Wordpress book project only show summaries of your postitem content?

Here is how you fix it!

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Just a little blog print update

Upcoming new features

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Tip for printing your travel blog as a book

Add a map to your book

An overview of blog book themes

Personalize the way your blog book looks

Another beautiful and spontaneous review from a customer

A perfect printed blog book example

How to remove the calendar intersection pages from your blog book?

Choose the right table of contents for your book

How to deal with white/empty gaps in your blog book?

Improve the look of your blog book pages

Adding full page photos to your blog book

Make your most special photos stand out

Adding beautiful chapter pages to your blog book

Add beautiful richness to the look of your book

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How to print your blog

An easy step-by-step guide

Blog Book Formats

Your options for printing a blog

What blog platforms can you print a book from?

Information on all supported blog platforms

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Turn your blog into a book

How to customize your blog book cover

Add a photo to your book cover

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