An overview of blog book themes

Personalize the way your blog book looks

Posted in general on 2 October, 2022

An overview of blog book themes

Personalize the way your blog book looks

Printing your blog as a book is a wonderful process. And with Into Real Pages it also will be a colorful process! There are many ways to customize your book and make it your own. One of them is choosing a book theme. 

Into Real Pages has many themes available. There are two main categories of themes: 

  • original themes: colorful and playful looking
  • minimal themes: slick, professional looking 

Besides more color, the original themes also have more playful font styles and decorative ornaments on the bookcover and other pages in your book. The minimal themes are more  'tight' and - well, whats in the name - 'minimal' :-D 

This article will give you an overview of some of the themes, so that you can get a better idea on how your book design will be effected when you choose your book theme. 

Book covers

Here are some examples of how the colors of your book cover change as you switch themes. 


Minimal Theme "Blue Eyes Crying"


Original Theme ‘Night time is the right time’.


Original Theme ‘Airy White & Blue’


Original Theme ‘Orange Blossom County’


Original Theme ‘My Favorite Obsession’


Minimal Theme ‘Little Red Riding Book’

Inside of the Book

The follow examples show you the differences between the original and minimal themes. 

Foreword page

Take a look at the foreword page of our blog books. It clearly shows the different styles of the original and minimal themes. One is superslick and professional looking. The other has a more playful vibe.


Original  theme ‘Airy White & Blue’ 


Minimal theme   ‘Blue Eyes Crying’

Book content pages

The content pages of your book, on which the content of your blog posts is printed, are basically the same for all themes. Except of course for the colors. Check out some cool examples here: 


Original Theme ‘Airy White & Blue’


Original theme ‘Orange Blossom Country’


Minimal theme ‘Mustang Sally’


Original theme ‘Dancing in the Dark’. Our only theme with black book pages! 


Original theme ‘Nighttime is the right time’


Minimal theme ‘Cold feelings in the night’


There are more themes to choose from. But this article gives you a good overview of how the different themes will affect the style of your book! 


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