Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to most general questions about our service.

What Blogging platforms do you support?

You can easily print your blog as a book from all the major platforms like Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot) and Weebly. We also support minor platforms like Travellerspoint. Finally, we do add support for specific platforms on demand for users. Read more in this article on our platform support: What blog platforms can you print a book from !

Can I turn someone else's blog into a book as a gift?

Yes. Creating a book from a blog of a friend or family member is a wonderful gift indeed! If you register to our website and start a new blog book project, you can choose to import data from a public blog. Fill in the URL of the blog and get your project started! 

I have a blog with a huge amount of post items. Can I put them all in a book?

Our hardcover as well as softcover books can have a maximum of 450 pages. It's hard to tell how many posts can be printed per page. Because it depends completely on the amount of content that your posts have. If your blog has mostly short posts with a few pictures and captions, 2 to 3 posts will fit on a page. But if your posts are - for example - large stories with many photos, a single post can span many pages. In case your blog has too much content to print in one book, you can consider creating a series of books. For example: part I: 2016. Part II: 2017, etc.

Can I edit the pages of my book and it's page layout after it is created?

In short: no :(Into Real Pages allows you to personalize your book by setting a title, subtitle, writing a foreword, choose a nice theme, but you can't take full control of the way the book pages look. We figured our books look great by default, so there's no need for big changes ;) Note: you can edit your post items, change texts and even add pictures to your posts!

Are there instruction videos that show all features of the Into Real Pages Blogbook editor?

Not yet... You can find a few instruction videos on . But(!) we are working on adding more to our website and they will be available soon!

Can I edit the content of my book?

Yes. Our Post Item Manager allows you to edit your post items in your book project. You can add or remove text and images. You can also drag and drop the items in the order that you want. Deleting individual items: no problem! You can even add new items that aren't even on your blog ;-) Or how about adding a few nice full page sized photos to your book!

I want to continue working on a book project. If I choose 'redo', will I loose my saved settings and data?

No. If you choose 'redo', you simply re-open your book project. Nothing will be reset or deleted or even changed. You've just re-opened your project and can pick up your work were you left it!

I try to build my blog book, but the process freezes and never finishes. Help!

There are many reasons why your blog book building process freezes or fails. When the process fails, our website will show a notification message with the cause of the issue. The two most common causes are:

  • Book has too many pages. Solution: narrow down the range of postitems included in your book.
  • Book has many extreme large resolution images. Solution: contact us and we will help you out. 

In case your book doesn't get build and you have no idea why, send us an email and we will fix the issue for you! 

I have a travel blog and make use of Google Maps in my post items. Will they appear in my book?

If you want to turn your travel blog into a printed book (TravellersPoint, TravelArk or any TravelPod spinoff, this article maybe of use to you. Although your maps won't be downloaded into your book directly, with a little bit of manual effort, you can integrate your travel maps easily ;-) 

Do you ship to where I live?

Unless you live on Mars or in a parallel universe, we ship to were you live. We work together with multiple courier services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, US Mail) and deliver books worldwide!

When can I expect my ordered book is ready?

Our books take up to 5-7 office days of production. Then comes shipping. Shipping takes between 2-5 days (EU & USA) or up to 10 days depending on your location.

I made a mistake and want to cancel my order or recreate my book. What do I do?

Send us an email as fast as possible. After payment we take your book into production almost instantly, so make sure you have reviewed your created book before you order it. If you send us an email within a few hours, we might be able to halt your order. Note that we cannot guarantee this as most of the time orders are processed directly through our printer and after payment, we cannot stop the printing process anymore.   

I have not received my book after a long time. What should I do?

We have send quite a lot of books by now and due to the perfect service of the different courier services we use, it never happened that a book did not made it to a customer. But this doesn't mean it's impossible. If so, please contact us and we will pick up the contact with the courier for you, trace your package and make sure it reaches your home.

Does creating a book at Into Real Pages mean that I loose copyright of my own material?

Of course not! All your blog content (and your created book) stays yours and we will never use it without your consent. If you read our terms of use, you will find no sneaky small letters regarding this issue. We've asked permission of every picture and quote that you see on our testimonial page.

How much will my blog book cost?

You can find a pricing table on our homepage. However, because you cannot estimate up front how many pages your blog items will convert to, these prices are just an indication. The best way to find out how much your book will cost is to simply create a draft version of your project. It will take a few minutes and when you are done, you will see the costs of your specific book.  

I have created a book at Into Real Pages and now want to remove it as well as all data from my blog. How?

It's easy! When in your Workspace, just remove your created book (the red -icon). Your book as well as all content we downloaded from your blog will be deleted from our server.

I want to cut off the connection between Into Real Pages and my blog. How do I do that?

You should visit your own blog platform and look into the settings of your blog. Every blogging platform has a menu where you can find active connections to your blog. In this list you will find Into Real Pages. Hi, how are you doing? ;) Just remove us from the list and you're done!

What is the maximum page amount that my book can have?

The answer is very simple and straight forward. Here it comes. Check it out:


Large Square



Will my featured images also be included in my book?

By default, we leave out the featured images of your post items. However, if you do want them in your book and you have a Wordpress hosted blog, you can simply send us an email and we will add them to your book for you! 

In case you have a self-hosted Wordpress blog, you will have to install one of the free Wordpress plugins that add featured image support to your blog's RSS feed. There are a few free plugins and the most popular one is this: .

Can I print a book from my private self-hosted Wordpress blog?

While printing a book from your Wordpress blog is super easy, the only exception is printing a book from a self-hosted Wordpress blog that is set to private. We only support private self-hostedWordpress blogs if you have the Jetpack service installed and you can log in to your blog with a account.  

Can I print a book from my private Weebly blog?

While printing a book from your public Weebly blog is super easy, we currently do not have support for private Weebly blogs as of yet. If you do want to print your private Weebly blog, you can consider switching it to public and switching it bac kto private again after you have created your blog book.  

Can I print my blog as a book if my blog is on TravelPod, TravelArk, Travellerspoint or Travelpod?

Currently, we fully support TravellersPoint. So if you did have an old TravelPod blog, you can use to export your data to TravellersPoint. And then, on Into Real Pages, you can create a book project from your TravellersPoint blog. 

We are working on adding support for TravelArk 2.0. In the meanwhile, you can consider to export your TravelArk 2.0 blog to TravellersPoint. This way, you can print your blog already as a book with Into Real Pages. 

Unfortunately, doesn't allow for an easy solution to fetch content from their users blogs, so we have no plans for adding support for this platform.      

I cannot download my postitems. I get the following message: "Could not find or download blogposts"

Due to a recent technical change that Tumblr made to their system, in some cases our book editor has problems downloading your posts and cannot create your project. We are working on fixing this. 

In the meantime, if you run into this problem, send us an email and we will help you out with a workaround solution from our side and create your project for you!